Youth Magazine is proud to partner with these leading youth-led organizations


The Fight against Racism

Fight against Racism is aimed to educate and spread awareness on the different ways racism occurs and share people’s personal experiences to demonstrate the seriousness of racism. Many think that racism doesn’t exist anymore but we are here to show what is already true: racism still exists and we must continue to fight against it.


Athenia is empowering the next generation of activists with tools and inside information on how our government really works. How politicians manipulate crowds, the secret to turning ideas into movements, and what rights we really have.



EFA Global, a non-profit organization believes that every child has the right to education, empowerment and exploration. Their mission is founded upon the grounds of providing equal opportunities in life to those who need them most.


A youth organization aimed to create an anti-racist world and to encourage a productive dialogue on race and identity among student bodies through inclusion of anti racist texts in the school curriculum.

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Blue Blood International

Blue Blood International (Blue Blood for short) is a student-led, left-wing, political and international news publication. Our number one goal is to educate youth; we aim to make youth aware of left-wing policies and current events.

The Sapien

The Sapien is a youth organization that provides the unique opportunity to engage in weekly discussions via Zoom on topics related to humanity and society with students all over the world. Our mission is to create a world in which youth from every geographic location and background can be connected and united through a shared passion for learning and meaningful discussion. 

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The Serious Type

THE SERIOUS TYPE is a 501c3 nonprofit, a curated online platform for youth (ages 13 to 23) who are serious about their lives and future. OUR MISSION IS TO EMPOWER & EQUIP YOUTH TO CREATE A HAPPIER & HEALTHIER WORLD. We believe that when young people can fully express themselves and connect with other like-minded youth, when they can discover and pursue their purpose in life that they are at a decreased risk for depression, anxiety and suicide.

Universal MUN

Universal MUN is a growing youth-led international organization aiming to hold virtual conferences and simulations globally for aspiring leaders and debaters worldwide concerning the United Nations in 2021 and beyond. It is centered around individuals learning about diplomacy, debate, foreign policies, and international relations through broadening their knowledge to solve current world affairs.

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