Black and White Library


September 19, 2020

By Raju Pagare, Educator

The best part of history is that it is constantly evolving. Not one single historical narrative has dominated
permanently. The beauty of history is its ability to absorb all events/ narratives whether it is good, bad
or ugly. History is dynamic because it gives reasons. It debates, discusses and gives every  individual an
opportunity to have his own perspective of history. This will help us to enrich our own perspectives. This
quest of history is to challenge every bias and prejudice to achieve the ultimate fundamental truth. The
important narratives will remain as they are fundamental to human life and society. Some narratives will
eventually fade away as they are not relevant to the existential cause of human life and society in that
epoch/century. It's like after every 50 or 100 years history will still remain dynamic. As teachers and
students we will continue to learn and teach with curiosity, the history of our present & the past.