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Marry Your Rapist Laws

Written by Hrudhai Chand

As horrendous and painstaking as it may sound, it's the unfortunate truth that many nations still continuously adopt and employ a 'Marry-Your-Rapist' sentiment. The literal meaning behind this is where victims of rape are asked to marry their rapists; once the marriage is accounted, all the charges against the perpetrator is lifted as now it is the duty of the now husband to take care of the children borne out of the wedlock to save the family’s repute and also to take care of his victim who’s now the wife.

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Let's Talk About 'it'

Written by Arya Tondale

( Sex-Education Exclusive )

‘Sex, baby, Let's talk about you and me, Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, Let's talk about sex…’
SEX, a three-letter word that is around us most of the time. Recently I had an experience where a person was verbally sexually harassed. The worst part was that most people were okay with it as if it is a typical day to day thing. While the bully thought it was something that could be finished with an apology. The girl cried, and I could understand her fury. 
We, teenagers, know about sex.  But where do you think we learnt about it, while you skipped the pages during biology and said we were "too young and innocent” to know about it.


The Other Side of Kashmir

Written by Hrudhai Chand

Kashmir is one of the world’s most heavily disputed and military-associated areas. It is enclaved by half a million of the Indian Army, Pakistani security forces, the Chinese Military forces, terrorist groups, militants making this marvellous and serene valley which is called 'heaven on earth', more of a warzone-like. This State is landlocked and disputed by three nuclear powerheads, which are at constant cutthroats with one and another. On the premise of this land-grab, the most essential stakeholder of Kashmir is often forgotten: their own citizens.

Pride Boots


Written by Arya Tondale 


Figuring out our sexuality is like a warped-up Google Maps. Sometimes it takes us in the wrong direction, sometimes a dead end, sometimes a long cut, sometimes the shortcut or if your WIFI sucks, then it's still loading. This mostly happens when we are teenagers and still figuring out a lot of different things. But this can still go on in any phase of our life and IT IS OK.

DISCLAIMER This isn’t some statistical, informational blog. This is more of an intimate-as-your-friend blog.

Pride Hug

Queer Vocabulary- Must Knows 


Written by Aditi Patil and Sana Shivaprasad

The adjective queer means "unusual" or "peculiar," or sometimes "suspicious." Queer vocabulary is similar to a language roof for the community. It closes a space for the people not always to be felt a part of "normality". Vocabulary does not have to be the same for everyone. Queer vocab consists of words that make people feel comfortable and familiar whilst speaking. The most common words from the vocabulary are LGBTQ+ which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, & Queer.  Many use genderfluid pronouns like they/them instead of she/her or he/him.


The Lolita Complex

Written by Amrita Nambiar

( photo Courtesy ) James Mason and Sue Lyon in Lolita Photograph: Allstar/MGM

If  you’ve  been  on  social  media  the  past  month,  you  are  bound  to  have  come  across  the  Britney  Spears  documentary  ‘Framing  Britney  Spears’.  This  new  addition  to  the  Netflix  catalogue  has  attracted  many  formal  apologies  -  from  bloggers such as Perez Hilton, ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, to magazine giant  Glamour. Apart  from  voicing  their guilt, many  have  opened  up  to  share  similar  experiences such as the media scrutiny over a pregnant Kim Kardashian, young  Matilda-star Mara Wilson, and Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman.

Pride Flag

Misrepresentation of LGBTQ+ culture in film and music industries

Written by Mihika Kanani and Neelanjana Bose

It's no surprise that the moment you feel that you like things that are not common or not many people like it, you are termed different, and you feel like you have to hide because of the degrading so-called social norms/judgment. Sexuality and love have been portrayed artistically since time immemorial, and the art of filmmaking and music are known to be the most expressive kind. The power of depicting emotions, making us laugh and feel better and explaining social issues through acting and the sweet influence of melodies is undeniable. That being said, the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community into mainstream culture has been a long journey that has seen iconic moments of equality and acceptance. Some of it has witnessed rather disappointing and inappropriate ill-representation. 


‘I am a Queer Ballet Dancer - where’s my love story?’

By Coralie Ahrenskeaff, 14 ( First Featured in The Serious Type )

If mainstream ballet companies would choose to value and incorporate queer and LGBTQ+ dancers in their ballets, young queer people would feel more support and not be scared for being themselves on stage or pursuing ballet.
The dance world, specifically classical dance, is deeply rooted in stereotypes. As a queer ballet dancer, I see these stereotypes. Ballets choreographed for thin, white dancers are celebrated and popular. These ballets are different variations of a man and a woman falling in love, and then either death, suicide, marriage and eternal love, or happiness at the end. Don’t get me wrong, great choreographer masterminds created these ballets, but they choreographed with racist ideologies and straight love stories in mind. The ballet world has been diversifying over the past few years, but mainstream ballet promotes predominantly white cisgender dancers and straight couples on stage, and as a queer dancer, seeing more LGBTQ+ professional dancers would be amazing.


Evolution of Homophobia throughout the Years

PRIDE Month Exclusive-

Written by Parushni Jathar

Edited by Hrudhai Chand

The term ‘homophobia’ is often used to show intolerance toward the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a feeling to invalidate the pride community and to showcase that their sexuality isn’t a part of the spectrum. Homophobia is often born out of ignorance, conservatism, fear and, in many cases, immaturity. Homophobia isn’t always obvious either. Being ignored or not being treated with the equal respect a heterosexual person would be still under the umbrella of homophobia...

Photo by Rosemary Ketchum from Pexels


On Suicide Prevention

Mental Health Awareness Month Exclusive - Written by Sienna Ponce 

Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

The issue of suicide prevention is barely spoken about, but people are dying in silence every day because of suicide. As stated by the World Health Organization, “Self-injury will have a ripple effect on families, colleagues, friends, societies as well as communities”. But what if we put a foot in the ground and stop this massive, growing issue. This could prevent daily suicides from happening as well as attempts. This would better us as a society and as a better world to live in. So, let's talk about suicide prevention and how we can help those who are in need of help.


'Our Enemy Is Dreamless Sleep'- Thanatophobia

Written by Aneesha J. 

Photo by Marcus Murphy from Pexels

Fear of death. Fear of the unknown. Fear of cremation. Fear of entombment. That’s how people, doctors, describe it. As for the victims, irrational fear of death. The feeling of dread or apprehension when one thinks of the process of ceasing to ‘be’. Or depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorders, ADHD. What happens when you have a fear of something inevitable? As children, we have been told that death is unavoidable and unpredictable. But it is predictable. You know it's going to happen, but not when, where, or how. In the end, fear of death is just a fear of time.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki- Healing or Hoax ?

Written by Aditi Upadhyaya

In late nineteenth-century Japan, as a Buddhist monk navigated a nearby mountain's unknown territories and fasted and prayed for 21 days, he had an epiphany that changed how the world looks at natural healing techniques. Mikao Usui saw a beam of bright light around his forehead. Through the help of his reawakening and ancient Sanskrit symbols that he was able to see, he developed the technique of Reiki. Reiki, meaning universal life force, is an alternative healing approach where Reiki masters use a method known as palm healing or hands-on healing. An omnipresent force seems to be transmitted from the practitioner's palms to the recipient to facilitate emotional or physical healing. It is based on qi (pronounced chi), which practitioners believe is a universal life force, even though there is no empirical evidence.


The Two Sides of Death Penalty

By Hrudhai Chand

There has been a thematic and articulate debate on the concept of the Death Penalty; some
strongly deem it to be an essential part of law-and-order maintenance in the modern society,
some condemn it calling it a barbaric and outdated idea. This contentious debate has evolved so
much that it has made into political. This begs us the necessity to examine both arguments for
both sides and reconsider the very root of the modern executionary system. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels


An Insight on the Largest Nationless Population

The world’s greediest, pain-staking and self-absorbed mess.

Written By Hrudhai Chand

The whole Syrian war is a messy and complicated geopolitical war that is still persisting. Still, there's a very vital part of this web of events and actions which matter the most: The Kurds comprise being one of the largest ethnic groups of the Middle East. They carved their state called 'Rojava' along the border of Turkey and Northern Syria when Syria was still intact as one nation; This state is home to over a million Kurds. Many years ago, The Rojava was a forgotten land of Syria where the Kurds were denied legal status as Syrians. In the modern-day, Rojava is still a self-governed independent region with a  powerful militia group that is fighting ISIS and being the most democratic part of the Middle East. Currently, Rojava’s independence is in a difficult position as it is surrounded by the totalitarian regime of Assad in Syria, Rebel Groups, ISIS and a hostile neighbour Turkey. This country seems to be the most unrealistic part of having democratic governance but still strives to be, which begs the question of its existence which is below mentioned.

Photo by asim alnamat from Pexels



Written by Deepika Indran 
Edited by Hrudhai Chand

The second COVID-19 wave has wreaked havoc in our society and pushed the already fragile healthcare system to a breaking point rattling the government on its path. But not all seems to be grim as India is ramping up the vaccine production and recently allowed it to all citizens above or at the age of 18. This begs the question of how vaccines are produced?  Enters the two substantial pharma companies which are involved in vaccine production in India, namely- Serum Institute of India & Bharat Biotech; they've been the talk of the town! Albeit the price point of the vaccines or the production capacity at hand. The Neta's of our country are reverting to means like pressurising these companies to ramp up production, even going to the extent of threatening them of consequences.

Image by Mike Von


Written by Ilina Kabra

I have always been passionate about Human Rights. Ever since I was a little kid, I always wondered why inequalities exist and why people cannot accept one another as they are. As I grew older and began to travel with my family, and seeing the world for myself, I began to realize that people are, in fact, not being provided with their basic human rights. Whether a result of local or national government policies, people are not being treated equally. This situation is so much worse, especially for children, women, and other marginalized groups......

In Royal Dress

Is the Royal Family STILL relevant?

Written by Hrudhai Chand

The death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has
stirred controversy. While many pray for him and praise him at his demise,
many others mock him calling him and the Royal Family a subject of an old
and forgotten time, where progress was far behind. The entire system is
being rooted in outdated policies that have not much duty but consistently
feed on taxpayers' money,which begs the question of the royal family is
worth the vast sums they consume? And how are they relevant to the
future and upcoming generations?

Body Measurements

Why is it important to speak about body shaming?

By Muskaan Pahwa

In today’s world of glamour and fashion, body shaming has become an inevitable part of our society. Everyday, people are body shamed for being too fat, too thin, too short ,too tall, too dark…the list is endless. What’s worse is that, body shaming is often disguised as a joke but what people do not realize is that that one joke can ruin a person’s self esteem .


IF LIFE IS A MOVIE- Understanding Schizophrenia

By Layla Mikel Vilanueva

Growing up, I have always loved sitting by the window on our second floor. You could see a small ancestral house from a distance, slowly falling apart as its wooden bearings decay little by
little. As the days pass by, I have thought that it is probably abandoned already since the damages would make it impossible for someone to live there. However, seeing a lady coming
out of that house every now and then leaves me perplexed and confused. Her clothes are tattered and dirty, her slippers are worn out, and her hair is so stiff from weeks of not taking a shower.

Illustrated Family


Written by Tanaya Avalaskar

The predicament with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are” The Indian Government is working on a salient issue, which is raising the age of marriage for girls from 18 to 21. But while that is happening, recently 
in a programme named ‘Samman’ being organized for spreading awareness about crime against women, a Congress leader stated "Doctors say that even a 15-years-old girl can reproduce, then what is the need to increase the marriage age of girls to 21 years?”. Could there be a bigger irony?
But the question isn't “How he could state it”, the question is “Why is a person who is supposed to be ushering the country towards newfangled horizons of development and freedom still impregnated in the stereotypical and unfair gender roles that should have vanished from the face of earth aeons ago? And is he the only one thinking so?” Certainly not!


Don’t let it douse- Poetry

By Mahnoor Shirazi / 15th December, 2020

A burning sensation
Sometimes I see fire reflecting life, and the feeling of being alive being  burning, and you can douse it but you would not want to, because you’re already addicted to burning and believe me when a fire is lit it doesn’t care whatever burns it, may it be detest, betrayal, envy, or at times even love. Sooner or later you may have to struggle (trust me it’s worth struggling for) to prevent this fire from being doused by brutal worldly realities or even a mere feeling of a secretive revile called love.


Gender Equality Is About Men And Women

By Faza Qadiri

25th November, 2020
Coming from Afghanistan, my culture and upbringing have both had a very powerful impact on how I see gender inequality. It is also the main reason as to why I believe women are partly responsible for the gender inequality which remains occurring to this day.
Women’s rights in Afghanistan have changed considerably in the past few decades. This is because of the unstable political situation that began with the 1990s Civil War. Since then, the life of women markedly changed with many of their rights and independence being taken away from them.

Protest Sign



November 1, 2020

The inhuman act of inequality between different skin types and religions, is known
as racism. Racism is no uncommon term, today's world and it always has been since the
beginning of mutation, melanine and other beliefs. The
so called “modern world” is no stranger to racism and in its application on people.
Finding one superior, just because of colour is racism........

Beautiful Nature



November 1, 2020

Inward beauty that attracts beautiful heart
Crosses all barriers of beliefs .
Bond of love on barrens , makes you feel heaven
Words are weapons , it pierces the heart,
Once broken, Can’t be mended again.
Let intellect empower beauty,
Will soothe shatters.............

Love is Love



16 October, 2020

As soon as we arrive on this Earth, we are taught about what is wrong and what is right. We are made to believe that if a girl likes a boy it is cute but if the same girl likes another girl it is referred to as a shame on the family. We are taught if a teenager tells any grown up that they are attracted to a certain gender which is not normalized by society, it is labelled a phase and their opinions are invalidated.....

Social network concept


OCTOBER 8, 2020


Every teen, almost every teen is addicted to social media which causes more negative effect than positive.

COMPARISON, hatred, jealousy, fake news, AI beauty and many more cause NEGATIVITIES on this platform.............

Multicultural Women


September 24, 2020


This has to end. This really has to end; racism has to end. If you are a human being then I am a human too .There is no place today in this world for any racist ,thus we gotta speak out against racism in every day life. Please let’s be kind to each other. Let’s respect each other. Let’s make the world a better place for you and for me and for the entire human race. Ladies and gentlemen, let us hold hands and say no to racism.

Black and White Library


September 19, 2020

By Raju Pagare, Educator

The best part of history is that it is constantly evolving. Not one single historical narrative has dominated
permanently. The beauty of history is its ability to absorb all events/ narratives whether it is good, bad
or ugly. History is dynamic because it gives reasons...

Protest Signs


August 27, 2020

By Bhagyashree Prabhutendolkar

A day after the George Floyd case, Saumya from India puts up the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on her Instagram Story and tags 15 other acquaintances to protest against racism.That was the first time I laid my ears on this heartbreaking news in my country, miles away from the West and miles away from the AntiRacism protests...…. 

Bike Trail


22nd August, 2020

by Khushi Parekh
Life is a rush,
You’ve to keep pace,
People will always push,
For ya shall always keep a glorious face...

City at Night


August 14, 2020

by Hyacinth Okan
Darkness devoured the sky. Clouds helped the night cover everything from above and no stars were able to stand out. This night around 9 p.m. was different from all the other nights I had. The streets were silent, lights were busy blinking. The frogs had the closing of their croacking choir since it was raining the last couple of minutes. The mud clinged to my shoes like chocolates melted. It was dark.


by Amay Jagtap

August 12, 2020

Amay Jagtap- an art teacher, and a thriving artist by choice, has put together some of his recent work for ARTSTRUCK. His sense of abstract composition is truly inspired by a stream of energy and spontaneity.....


Monsters, Are They ?

August 11, 2020

Picture And Text by Sai Rane

Have you ever had a nightmare when you wake up sweating in the dark? When your chest pangs even at the thought of going back to sleep? I have nyctophobia since my infancy and for a while I've been having the same nightmare over and over again. And here's how it goes....

Girl Sleeping

The Unborn

August 10, 2020

by Subhankari Mallick

In some of my dreams,

I visit the illusive earthly heaven,

Where I encounter

A girl in her mid-eleven.....


The Tale Of Victory

July 12, 2020

by Bhumi Mehta

The day, when the world was about to get familiarized with the meritorious holder of The Global Scholarship, had arrived. The atmosphere today had a different vibe. A few sparse clouds were racing across the sky, chased by a cold, keen wind. Usually the sun would be the cruel mistress who’d beat down on her slaves – the people – in her own relentless way but instead, today she was acting kind and humble towards them...

Girl Holding Shopping Bags


July 12, 2020

by Bhagyashree Prabhutendolkar

Today, every family has the luxury of online shopping. How wonderful it is, to ponder over your desired goods virtually, scroll down and compare if you wish, and then finally to fulfil one’s own temptations or needs, just click once more and place your order online ! Within few days or even moments of yearning and awaiting , you have your order delivered at your doorstep, and bravo! You have just saved the struggle of drooling in unending traffic and narrow lanes to reach your dear shop!